Full service bait & tackle shop and fly shop in Blair County

Aquatic Imitations is a full service bait & tackle shop located in Blair County, PA

Aquatic Imitations is the closest Blair County Bait and Tackle Shop to Canoe Creek State Park and on your way to either the Little Juniata River or Raystown Lake. We are conveniently located in the “Meilnik’s Shopping Village” along Route 22 in Frankstown Township, just outside of downtown Hollidaysburg and minutes from Canoe Creek State Park.

Aquatic Imitations is a full service live bait supplier offering Nightcrawlers, Baby Nightcrawlers, Red Worms, Meal Worms (Red and Gold), Wax Worms, Fathead Minnows, and Shiners.

We stock a wide variety of fishing tackle from rods and reels, Berkley Power Bait, Rooster Tail Spinners, Rebel and Rapala lures, hooks, spilt shot and much much more.

Our Fly Fishing selection consists of quality hand tied flies, tippet material, tapered leaders, strike indicators, fly dressing, and a selection of quality fly rods (Fenwick, St. Croix). We stock a huge selection of Whiting Farms hackle, and are the only Fly Shop in the area having Brahma Hen Soft Hackle w/Chickabou, a must for tying the infamous Taboo Caddis Emerger pattern.

Aquatic Imitations is Open Year Round
For All Your Fishing Tackle Needs Including:

  • Nightcrawlers
  • Meal Worms
  • Butter Worms
  • Hand Tied Flies
  • Fly Tying Supplies
  • Hellgrammites
  • Rosy Reds
  • Fatheads
  • Shiners
  • Red Worms
  • Wax Worms
  • Tackle

Latest Catches and Social Media Updates

As we get reports from customers that are coming into the shop, it not only confirms what I've been told about the "Florescent Pink Nymph" from professional guides but now numerous local anglers as well. This morning a gentleman came in and whipped out his phone to show me a picture of a huge rainbow trout, 24 1/2" long that looked like it was about 8" wide that his grandson caught yesterday down on the Little J. He stated that it was the only fish his grandson caught in the 4 hours he was fishing but who wouldn't cast for four hours to hook up and land a fish like that? And once again, what was hanging out of the corner of it's mouth? That's right, a Florescent Pink Nymph !!!!
So now it's been Browns, Rainbows and Brookies that have all crushed that nymph as it drifted by. I'm sure there will be a Golden Trout and a tiger trout that will be added to the list within the next month or so. Based upon it's growing success, this morning I ordered another 12 packs of the dyed Florescent Pink pheasant tails and another 24 spools of UT70 Florescent Pink thread. As of this morning, all the pink pheasant tails were gone and I'm down to 2 spools of the Florescent Pink thread. We should have the new inventory of them in by mid next week. This coming weekend is supposed to be decent, weather wise, and we made a bait run Wednesday morning to resupply our stock of fathead minnows and both medium and large shiners. Both the Yellow Perch and the Crappies are gearing up for spawning season so we will have whatever you may need to go out and catch a few. I can almost taste the batter dipped, deep fried Crappie fillets now. Good luck and tight lines to all our friends and followers and best of luck on your next fishing adventure.
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Aquatic Imitations
Aquatic Imitations

Creg Strock‘s Own

In the late spring of 2014, one of our customers, Mr. Bill Lightner, that had been badly bitten by the “Fly Fishing” bug stated that he had always fished with live Hellgrammites and Stoney Cats for bass and had always had great success with them. He told me that he had searched different fly shops as well as the internet but couldn’t find any acceptable patterns that had been developed to duplicate these two proven live baits. Bill asked if we could develop a fly that could closely duplicate these two baits. As an accomplished fly tier of 50 years + experience, we set to task the development of a Hellgrammite pattern that could be used on a fly rod.

Needless to say, numerous attempts were made with a wide variety of materials and with Bill’s critique and suggestions we finally came up with a pattern we felt the fish would accept as being close to the real thing. Now came the actual field testing of the pattern and as the saying goes, “The fish will tell you what they want”. Bill and I took a trip down to the Mt. Union area of the Juniata River equipped with a dozen of the newly developed Hellgrammite patterns.

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