The shop is centrally located within 30 minutes or less (in any direction) of 25 renown trout streams and 8 lakes:

Blair County:

Beaverdam Creek—stocked
Bells Gap Run—stocked
Blair Gap Run—stocked
Canoe Creek—stocked
Clover Creek—stocked
Halter Creek—Class “A” wild trout
Little Bald Eagle Creek—stocked
Little Juniata River—stocked/Class “A” wild trout
Piney Creek—Class “A” wild trout
Plum Creek—Class “A” wild trout
Potter Creek—Class “A” wild trout
Riggles Gap Run—stocked
South Poplar Run—stocked
The Frankstown Branch of the Juniata River—stocked
Canoe Creek Lake—stocked

Bedford County:

Bob’s Creek—stocked
Cove Creek—stocked
Raystown Branch of the Juniata River—stocked
Yellow Creek—stocked
Koon Lake—stocked

Centre County:

Bald Eagle Creek-stocked
Big Poe Creek—stocked
Penns Creek—stocked/Class “A” wild trout
Big Poe Lake—stocked

Cambria County:

Chest Creek—stocked
Glendale Lake—Warm water fishery
Duman Lake—stocked
Lake Rowena—stocked

Huntingdon County:

Standing Stone Creek—stocked
Trought Creek—stocked
Raystown Lake—stocked
Whipple Lake—stocked