Canoe Lake – A Central Pennsylvania Fishing Destination

Located in Canoe Creek State Park, seven miles east of Hollidaysburg on US Route 22, Canoe Lake is a popular year-round fishing destination in Blair County. This 155-acre impoundment offers fishing opportunities for trout, bass, panfish, and several other species of gamefish. The entire shoreline of Canoe Lake is easily accessible to anglers via either the day use areas in the park or the many hiking trails the surround the lake. This ease of access along with other nearby activities such as hiking, swimming, and picnicking make Canoe Lake an ideal location for a family fishing outing. Canoe Lake is also a popular ice-fishing location.

Boating is permitted on Canoe Lake, and all Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission boating laws and regulations apply. Power boating is limited to boats powered by electric motors only. All motorboats must have a current boat registration. Canoe Lake is an ideal waterway for kayaks, canoes, and other small boats. All non-powered watercraft must display a launching permit issued by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission or Pennsylvania State Parks. Launch permits are available at the park office.

Canoe Lake is stocked with trout several times during the spring and again in December for wintertime fishing. The lake is managed as a “stocked trout water open to year-round fishing.” From 8 a.m. on the opening day of trout season in mid-April through Labor Day, all Pennsylvania inland waters size and creel limits apply. From the day after Labor Day through February 28, “extended season” size and creel limits apply for trout fishing. From March 1 until the opening of trout season, fishing is permitted but no trout may be taken or in possession while fishing. A trout/salmon permit is not required to fish in Canoe lake, but you must have a valid trout/salmon stamp if you intend to keep, kill, or possess any trout while fishing there.

Canoe Creek, which flows into Canoe Lake, is also stocked with trout several times during the spring for those anglers who prefer trout fishing in a small-stream environment. Standard trout season, size, and creel limits apply to trout fishing on Canoe Creek. For the first several miles upstream of Canoe Lake, Canoe Creek flows near a paved township road, then parallels a gravel road for another few miles into state game lands to a gate, which closes the road to vehicular traffic. Anglers can hike or bike in another couple of miles from this point. Fly anglers will find several common springtime hatches on Canoe Creek, such as Blue Quills, Hendricksons, Sulphurs, and some caddisflies, along with a respectable Green Drake hatch in late May.

Canoe Lake is managed by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission as a “Big Bass Water.” During the regular bass season, the daily limit for largemouth bass is four and the minimum size is 15 inches. Bass fishing in Canoe Lake is generally good for a lake its size. It harbors a significant population of largemouth bass and produces its share of bass weighing five pounds and larger each year. Chain pickerel, walleyes, and muskellunge are also present in Canoe Lake.

Panfish are abundant in Canoe Lake and provide many hours of fishing enjoyment for anglers of all ages. Bluegills and pumpkinseeds are the two most common species of sunfish found in the lake. Crappies are plentiful in Canoe Lake, and many anglers target these tasty panfish in the spring and fall with live minnows, jigs, and other small lures.