Bob’s Creek – A Central Pennsylvania Fishing Destination

Bobs Creek is a popular small stream in the northwest corner of Bedford County about 15 miles south of Altoona. The headwaters of Bobs Creek near the Blair/Bedford county line in State Game Lands 26. Bobs Creek then flows through Blue Knob State Park to the town of Pavia. Downstream of Pavia, Bobs Creek parallels PA 869 for about 11 miles until the stream meets Dunning Creek near Reynoldsdale. Bobs Creek is managed under regular statewide seasons and size and creel limits for trout.

One primary reason for the popularity of Bobs Creek is the stream is heavily stocked each spring for the opening weeks of the trout season. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission provides two stockings on Bobs Creek from Blue Knob State Park downstream to the mouth. In addition, the Pavia Sportsmen also raise and stock thousands of trout in Bobs Creek as well. Members of this fine organization also perform stream cleanups and stream improvement projects to enhance the trout fishing on Bobs Creek.

Although the stream gets plenty of stocked trout each spring, Bobs Creek supports a significant population of wild brown and brook trout in its upper reaches. Anglers who enjoy fishing for wild trout and are willing to hike in a bit away from the road should consider exploring the upper portion of Bobs Creek on State Game Lands 26. Here it is possible to find a little solitude in a picturesque setting as beautiful as the trout themselves.

Once the early-season crowds have dissipated, Bobs Creek still holds plenty of holdover stocked fish and wild trout to make fly-fishing there interesting. In the spring, fly anglers will find common hatches such as Blue Quills, Quill Gordons, Blue-winged Olives, and Hendricksons. Later in the season, Suphurs, March Browns, Slate Drakes, Light Cahills, and even a few Green Drakes might be encountered.